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Computer Programming as Home Business

Countless home business opportunities exist in the field of Computer Programming. There is high demand and global shortage of skilled computer programmers for building applications in various industries, such as insurance companies, security/futures brokers, ecommerce and Internet marketing.

Computer programmers write, test, and provide technical support of computer desktop (PC or MAC), server and web applications/programs. With the exponential growth of the World Wide Web, the programming skills for creating web applications and web services are in high demand. Programmers write programs according to the design specifications written primarily by computer software engineers and system architects/analysts. After completing the design process, the programmer converts the design into a logical series of instructions, also known as “code”, which a computer can execute. Hence, you will often hear the term “coding” that in fact refers to programming. As a programmer, you will need to test your program by running it to ensure it executes correctly and that it produces the desired results, and then fix any errors by debugging the program. Your project may require debugging or modifying existing programs. Expect to work long hours or weekends, to meet deadlines or fix critical problems. With the technology available today, programmers can connect to a client’s computer system remotely using the Internet to make corrections, install updates or fix problems.

Although you can write simple programs in a few hours, programs that use complex mathematical algorithms, or that draw and store data from/to databases, may require much more time and advanced skills. However, programming is much easier today than it used to be 10 or 20 years ago. Many programming tasks used to build very sophisticated applications are grouped into the so-called “classes” and “objects” that  are readily available with the modern software development tools/environments (many of which free, like the Microsoft Visual Studio Express editions, Eclipse and NetBeans). In addition, computer programmers often collaborate among themselves and split complex projects into easier to manage functional modules that are finally integrated together into a complete application.

Programmers’ job description often originates from a specific programming language, such as Java (or C#) programmers, or from the type of application they develop for, such as database, mainframe, computer desktop or Internet programmers. Regardless of your degree, employers remain primarily interested in your programming skills, certification in a language such as Java or its Microsoft alike, C#, and previous experience. You can make decent money as a computer programmer, about $65,000 annually, with the top 10 percent earning up to $95,000.

How to find Computer Programming work

  • rentacoder.com: Rentacoder.com lets you locate and bid on coding projects and questions from around the world. Registration is free, and you can publicize your skills on the online resume system and receive emails as new bid requests come in. They handle all the money collecting so you can concentrate on what you are best at – coding. The buyer’s money is placed into an escrow account, freeing you from the problem of getting “stiffed”. To pay for this service, Rent a Coder charges coders a 15% Fee on the profit from work and questions.
  • elance.com: Over 100,000 projects – including web development, graphic design, programming, marketing, writing, administrative, research and more – are posted annually to a global pool of rated service providers (freelancers). You can find a service buyer willing to pick your bid and offer you a project.
  • guru.com: Guru.com’s web-based marketplace connects businesses with freelancers who specialize in many professional categories: IT work, creative design, photography, engineering, office administration, sales, marketing, accounting, business consulting, etc. Freelancers seeking work can register either as a free (Basic) member, or as a subscribing (Guru) member.
  • scriptlance.com: ScriptLance is a service that connects freelance programmers with webmasters that need custom programming done for their websites. Programming projects are posted on the site, much like in an auction,  and interested programmers bid on them. ScriptLance is not just a great site to find a programming job. You can find new clients, or… let them find you!
  • softwarejobs.com: SoftwareJobs.com provides industry specific career channels with a wealth of information tailored to your career goals in Information Technology and Software Engineering. Select a career channel to research industry information, search jobs and build your portfolio.
  • freelancewebprogramming.com: Freelance Web Programming is a talent auction for web programming and graphic design services.
  • dice.com: Dice Inc. is the leading online career site for technology, engineering and security-cleared professionals. You can post your resume where thousands of hiring companies will see it.

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