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Desktop Publishing Home Business

Desktop publishing is very suitable for home based business as it only requires a computer and specific type of software such as Adobe PageMaker or Microsoft Publisher. Desktop publishing software lets you rearrange text and graphics on screen, change typefaces, and re-size graphics, producing documents such as advertisements, newsletters, brochures, web sites, etc. Adobe PageMaker and Microsoft Publisher are both easy to use and will do most of the work to get your home business started. Many word processing programs also have desktop publishing features. You don’t need an extensive education to work as a successful desktop publisher. But you must acquire working knowledge of the software needed for the job so read and master the manuals thoroughly. Also, there are plenty of excellent books in the market on desktop publishing.

So many home-based opportunities exist for you as a desktop publisher. Choose the one that best suits your personal and financial goals. Visit the web sites listed below, and find plenty of jobs. Despite of large competition in the market, once you get initial jobs, it should be easy then to get repeat business through demonstrated skill, perseverance and hard work. The projected growth rate of new jobs for Desktop Publishing specialists vaults desktop publishing into the top 10 of the most rapidly growing professions. Hourly rates for freelance desktop publishers range from $15 an hour to $100 an hour. You should also consider the overhead in running your own business. If you charge less then $30-$40 an hour, reconsider your pricing – you have priced yourself way too low!

Desktop publishing jobs use different names. Some job titles used by various employers which involve desktop publishing skills include Technical Writer, Technical Publications Engineer, Web Developer, Documentation Specialist, Digital Image Processor, Production Supervisor, Proofreader and Graphic Designer.

Learn desktop publishing quickly and free

Adobe PageMaker is the professional page layout program for your home business, if you want to create high-quality publications such as brochures and newsletters. It offers templates, graphics, and intuitive design tools that will get you started in the business quickly. You can learn desktop publishing from the comfort of your home by downloading, installing and running absolutely free for 30 days Adobe PageMaker for Windows or Adobe PageMaker for Mac. The program comes with excellent tutorials and user guides, as well as many online tips at Adobe’s web site.

How to find Desktop Publishing work

  • guru.com: Guru.com’s web-based marketplace connects businesses with freelancers who specialize in many professional categories: IT work, creative design, photography, engineering, office administration, sales, marketing, accounting, business consulting, etc. Freelancers seeking work can register either as a free (Basic) member, or as a subscribing (Guru) member.
  • elance.com: Over 100,000 projects – including web development, graphic design, programming, marketing, writing, administrative, research and more – are posted annually to a global pool of rated service providers (freelancers). You can find a service buyer willing to pick your bid and offer you a project.

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