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Graphic Design from Home

Graphic design is certainly a profitable home business opportunity. Graphic designers use computer software such as Adobe Creative Suite to develop the overall layout and design of magazines, newspapers, journals, corporate reports, and other publications. As a graphic designer, you will produce promotional displays and marketing brochures for products and services, and design distinctive company logos. Many graphic designers develop artwork to appear on Internet web pages and computer/video games.

You do not need a university degree for success as a freelance graphic designer. However, you need a lot of creativity to succeed in this field and it is essential to have a strong sense of aesthetics, which includes an eye for color and detail and a sense of balance and proportion. Tastes in style and design change quickly, so you need to stay open to new ideas and influences, and react quickly to changing trends. Despite the advancements in the computer-aided design, sketching ability remains an important advantage in most types of design.

You should expect long working hours and will often need to revise your work several times to meet your client’s specific requirements. People in this field need self-discipline to start projects on their own, to budget their time, and to meet deadlines and production schedules. Good business sense and sales ability will also help you. Plenty of jobs exist in the graphic design field and continue to grow. Demand for graphic artists and designers will increase because of the rapidly increasing need for Web-based graphics and computer/video games. You can make upwards of US$50,000 annually as a freelance graphic designer.

How to find Graphic Design work

  • elance.com: Over 100,000 projects – including web development, graphic design, programming, marketing, writing, administrative, research and more – are posted annually to a global pool of rated service providers (freelancers). You can find a service buyer willing to pick your bid and offer you a project.
  • freelancewebprogramming.com: Freelance Web Programming is a talent auction for web programming and graphic design services.
  • hotgigs.com: HotGigs.com Contract Talent Marketplace helps meet the needs of Companies, Consulting & Staffing Firms, and Independent & Freelance Consultants who desire to work together.
  • jobvertise.com: This site offers a free job posting service, and boasts the world’s largest free resume database.

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