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A home business idea – Resume Writer

You can make money at home easily as a Resume Writer provided you have – or are willing to acquire – the required resume writing skills. People constantly look for jobs and many of them will need your services.

A well-written resume can make the big difference between hiring someone or moving on to the next job application. People find no problem listing their previous employers and qualifications. However, with very few resumes in their lives, they will not know how to construct them, so that they stand out from dozens of other competing resumes. To convince your prospective clients to use your services, you should provide them with samples of your work, i.e. resume examples, and you should emphasize the importance of a well-written resume in today’s highly competitive job market.

As a resume writer, you first collect all relevant pieces of information from your client, and translate them into a dynamic, effective message. Your client, the job seeker, fills a form, either by e-mail or by answering a questionnaire on your web site. You turn this into a resume using Microsoft Word with the sophisticated formatting features it offers, and you send it to him, or her, by e-mail. The Microsoft Word document format is the widely accepted standard for resume files submitted online or by e-mail. If you are using the latest version of Microsoft Word, make sure the resume is saved (Save As) in an older version format, say, MS Word 97 document, to ensure proper formatting is preserved if the resume is viewed online or with an earlier version of Word than the one you use. It is a good practice to name the file with your customer’s name, i.e. “John_Smith.doc”.

There are excellent books on the market on writing a winning resume. You can purchase a used one on Amazon for a very good price. Look at a number of well-written resumes and note how the style changes to match an applicant’s profession and qualifications. Learn about employers in today’s business world, and what skills, qualities and previous experience they want to see in a candidate. Search the online job sites for open positions in the field of your client’s expertise, and notice what terms and phrases the employers (or recruiters) are using to describe the job requirements. It is important that you also describe your client’s qualifications with those same keywords, as most of the resumes submitted online are searchable. Avoid hyping-up the resumes too much. Employers might frown on them and view this as an attempt to cover up the applicant’s lack of essential job qualifications. You may initially need to offer low prices for your services, in order to be able to compete with the large number of similar businesses, before building a core of loyal clients. You can also sell packages of proven resumes online, such as a collection of about a twenty well-written resumes for IT professionals, for example, to help those clients who prefer to write their own resumes and save money.

You can make up to US$35,000 per year as a resume writer, and maybe more, if you diversify into selling packages of winning resumes.

How to find work as a Resume Writer

  • elance.com: Over 100,000 projects – including marketing, writing, research and more – are posted annually to a global pool of rated service providers (freelancers). You can find a service buyer willing to pick your bid and offer you a project.
  • guru.com: Guru.com is web-based marketplace for freelancers who specialize in many professional categories including Writing/Editing/Translation. Freelancers seeking work can register either as a free (Basic) member, or as a subscribing (Guru) member. You can search for resume writing projects by category or by keywords.
  • freelancewriting.com: A website for freelance writers who want to master the business and creative aspects of their writing careers.

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