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Make money at home with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is one of my best ideas for a home based business. What makes this home business opportunity really sweet is the fact, that once set up properly, it can run on autopilot with little assistance from you and no sense of urgency. There are people who have mastered the business so well, that they have quit their full-time jobs and are enjoying an enviable life style of driving fast cars, living in beautiful houses and traveling to exotic destinations on luxury cruises… OK, stop dreaming and make it happen! With the help of the most renowned Google AdSense experts, I will show you how.

So, what is Google AdSense and how does it work? In short, this is an opportunity for website owners (or publishers), to show relevant ads on their web sites. On the surface, this is nothing new – you have seen many ads on various web sites. If you pay attention to the word “relevant”, however, you’ll see the big potential and understand the enormous success of Google AdSense. If you have a web site that offers interesting and unique content to your website visitors, you can sign up (free) for the Google AdSense program, and start displaying Google ads that are closely related to the theme of your web site and the topics of your web pages. This makes the ads attractive to the visitors of the site, and every time they click on an ad, Google gets paid and so do you! The popularity of its search engine and the pay-per-click advertising have made Google the most successful and fastest growing Internet business today. The good and exciting news for you, is that Google has invited you to the party as a business partner! You just have to offer good web content and accept the invitation! Google do not disclose the exact number, but it is said that website owners get on average between 30-40% cut on the price advertisers pay them for every click on AdSense ads.

In addition to pay-per-click advertising, AdSense for Content also combines pay-per-impression advertising where publishers get paid for the number of times an ad is shown on their web site, i.e. “impressions”. Publishers can also take advantage of AdSense for Search by providing Google web search functionality to the visitors of their web sites. Similar to AdSense for Content, publishers get paid for every click on an ad displayed on the search result pages.

You can learn more about the Google AdSense basics from the source, at the Google AdSense Help Center.

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