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Professional Grade Adsense Software Tools

To be able to compete and succeed in the Adsense business you need the Adsense software tools that the best in the game use. The following review is by no means exhaustive but it will provide you with information on the best Adsense software tools that will give you an edge over vast majority of Adsense publishers.

The Google AdSense Preview Tool

This is a very neat little tool that will display a preview of Adsense ads that would show on any web page. It is provided free by Google and is activated by selecting it from the right-click menu in Internet Explorer. It allows you to see how the ads would appear in different formats and colors, and for different geo-targeted locations (i.e. to see the ads that would appear to a site visitor from Canada, even if you are in US, for example). You can also click on any of the ads in the preview tool to see the destination web page of the ad, without fear of being penalized by Google for clicking on ads on your own pages. You can get the Adsense Preview Tool for Internet Explorer and read the installation instructions here. Unfortunately, there is no version of the tool for my favorite browser, Firefox. There is an Adsense Preview add-on for Firefox but it doesn’t allow you to play with the colors. This shortcoming, though, is not as bad as the inability to see ads for different geo-targeted locations.

Keyword Elite

This is the most advanced keyword research software available today. Keywords and phrases were not created equal. You must know what people are searching for and what exact words they use. This is crucial if you want the search engines like Google to send free traffic to your web site… and lots of it! Keyword Elite will not only help you generate huge lists of such keywords, but will also uncover the top paying adsense keywords and phrases! What’s more, Keyword Elite will create complete Adsense web pages highly optimized for these high paying keywords, allowing you to choose from 3 different layout formats. You will simply love this software! It is not the cheapest keyword tool but, trust me, I can give you a list of competing software tools that are twice as expensive and barely come close to what Keyword Elite does for your Adsense success. But don’t take it from me. Check it yourself by clicking the following link for Keyword Elite. You just will not believe such powerful software exists! You will thank me later when you see your Adsense home business on the right track and taking off. Remember, the competition in this business is getting very tough. What will make you stand out and beat the competition is the use of the best tools and the knowledge I give you here. I have spent months and years researching the professional adsense tools, so save your time and take advantage of this research at no charge.

The Adsense Gold Tracker

When I discovered this Adsense software tool, it made my day. Do you know which Adsense ad formats and colors attract clicks and which don’t? What is the best web page layout to use and what to avoid? In the end, however, the only way to find out what works best and what doesn’t is by testing different ad colors, formats and page layouts. There are many testing services. However, I have two major problems with most of them. The first one is that they cost $10-$30 per month. The second one is that with most of them I can never be 100% certain of my privacy since they are hosted services, i.e. hosted at the provider’s server. So I decided to find out what Adsense tracker software tools were available in the market and I came across quite a few. Some were free, but almost useless, others were moderately priced but difficult to use. Until I found the Adsense Gold Tracker. The product name is actually Adsense Gold and its main component is the Adsense Tracker, of course. Packaged with it, however, are a list of the top paying adsense keywords, thousands of adsense content articles, an ebook on how to get lots of web traffic from the search engines, the RSS Infuser tool and more. The Adsense Tracker by itself is worth the price of the whole package. This absolutely amazing tool will track every little detail of action on your web site and the Adsense ads on it, and will give you visual and systematic answers to all your “who”, “when”, “why” and “how” questions! You will see detailed statistics on what ad colors/formats were the real click magnets, the most often viewed pages, the pages with most ad clicks, the referring web sites (where site visitors came from), what keywords people used to find your web site, and so much more! I can’t stress strongly enough how important all this information is for the success of your adsense business. To compete with the Adsense experts on even ground, you must use the professional grade tools that they use. The Adsense Tracker is one of these tools. Learn more and see a live real-time demo by clicking on the following link for the Adsense Tracker.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below (the comments link), and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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