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Web Design as Home Business

Web design is in high demand and can be a very profitable home based business. Very often it involves work requiring the skills of a graphic designer. In fact, many web designers work as graphic designers and vice versa. Web designers often perform programming tasks (for the design of dynamic sites) and thus work as web developers. However, the job of a web designer is primarily on web page graphics, fonts, colors and layout. 

Web designers today use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) software, such as Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe GoLive, that do not require knowledge of HTML. In order to become an expert and highly paid web designer though, you should also learn to use HTML, Java Script, PHP, Adobe Creative Suite and Macromedia Flash. Proficiency in these languages and tools will allow you to add advanced web site functionality well beyond the one of simple static web pages.

Rates for web site design keep dropping because of high competition and the availability of WYSIWYG programs, many of which free (Nvu, Netscape Composer, etc.). This allows even people with no knowledge of HTML to design web pages. However, demand for web design services is growing and with free WYSIWYG software, you can work faster and easier, and make a decent income without the need of a significant upfront investment. As a web designer, you can also offer one-on-one online consultations. You can make up to $75,000 as a web designer.

How to find Web Design work

  • getafreelancer.com: Offers freelance programmers and graphic designers the ability to work from home. As a freelancer, you can choose among hundreds of outsourced projects. Join free and pay only a small commission. 
  • guru.com: Guru.com’s web-based marketplace connects businesses with freelancers who specialize in many professional categories: IT work, creative design, web design, photography,  office administration, sales, marketing, accounting, business consulting, etc. Freelancers seeking work can register either as a free (Basic) member, or as a subscribing (Guru) member. 
  • elance.com: Over 100,000 projects – including web development, graphic design, programming, marketing, writing, administrative, research and more – are posted annually to a global pool of rated service providers (freelancers). You can find a service buyer willing to pick your bid and offer you a project. 
  • freelancewebprogramming.com: Freelance Web Programming is a talent auction for web programming and graphic design services. 
  • hotgigs.com: HotGigs.com Contract Talent Marketplace helps meet the needs of Companies, Consulting & Staffing Firms, and Independent & Freelance Consultants who desire to work together. 

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